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Horseback's new year

Horseback's new year

Mar 13 2015
As each year, a great part of Horseback's family joined to celebrate the new year together. The party was held in Tuul restaurant, in the centre of Ulan Bator. 86 of us joined, and among us, several nomads families that came in town especially for this occasion: Boldoo (Orkhon Valley), Tsagaanaa (Naiman Nuur), Byamba (Khongoriin Els), Oyunsuren (Yoliin Am), Bor (Terelj), Batbold (Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur), and Batchuluun (Khustai).

A good meal, a lot of vodka, animations, dance, a tombola, and of course the presentation of the prizes for the best employees of the year.

This year again, the Ministry of Tourism of Mongolia decided to reward four of our employees with a medal and the title of "best employee in the sector of tourism of the year". This year, the winners are:

  • Oyuntsetseg, aka Oyunaa: best guide;

  • Nyamkhuu, aka Mina: best guide;

  • Naidandorj, aka Naidan or the Boss: best driver;

  • Yadamsuren, aka Yadmaa: best driver.

Moreover, as each year, Horseback has decided to highlight some members of its team who were particularly brilliant this year:

  • Nasanjargal, aka Nasaa: best guide;

  • Bayarbat, aka Jijgee: best guide;

  • Davaasuren: best driver;

  • Khishigbat, aka Khishgee: best driver;

  • Oyun, aka Oyunaa: best cook.

Horseback has also decided to reward two families who were particularly attentive with customers:

  • the family of Renchindorj, aka Tsagaanaa, the family who hosted you or will host you in the area of Naiman Nuur;

  • the family of Batbold, who hosted you or will host you near Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur.

A pleasant evening that finished with laughs and smiles in our office, where the bravest of us went on singing and partying until a very late hour in the morning after.

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