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The right things to do to preserve the Mongolian nature while traveling

The right things to do to preserve the Mongolian nature while traveling

Nov 17 2019

For several centuries, geographical areas in Mongolia enjoy special status and hunting, construction is prohibited. The reasons for preservation were often because of religion, nature, and concerns about their sacred mountains. But since the socialist era, the number of these so-called regions has multiplied.

The preservation of the environment, the Baïgal Orchin (natural environment) is linked to an abstract principle of forces circulating between beings through spirits. Thus, all living things, animals, plants, minerals, and humans have a soul and a spirit. This is why Mongolian traditions are based on environmentally friendly practices.


A little Mongolian culture

It should be known that in Mongolia, the human does not occupy the central place in the landscape. While the treatment of biodegradable waste is well suited to environmental protection concepts, it is no longer appropriate when it comes to manufacturing waste, or air pollution, especially in urban areas (motor fuels and motor vehicles). Mongolia needs improvements regarding polluting waste; however, they have a lot to teach us about their representations of the environment and their ecological practices.

Fire, for example, is sacred and purifying. Mongolian and Western ecological conceptions come together, but where we tend to get rid of our garbage by throwing it on fire to purify our environment, the Mongols never throw garbage into the central hearth of the ger that could defile.

In addition, raptor activities form a cleaning chain where each scavenger has his specialty. Predatory raptors, kites, eagles or hawks, prevent the proliferation of small rodents and other small mammals. The scavenger raptors, vultures, bearded vultures and different species of crows, by cleaning the carcasses of dead animals, prevent the proliferation of epidemics.


How to travel zero waste in Mongolia?

  The right things to do to preserve the Mongolian nature while traveling  

Trip zero waste is a term that has become a trend lately. Traveling is good but being responsible is better! Being aware and concerned about your environment when traveling is important.

As said above, in Mongolia, nature is sacred and we must all adapt to it and respect it so that our travel has no effect on its beauty. There are some small rules, some are common sense, some not that logic, that are often very simple to adopt and can greatly act for the sake of the environment:

- Use your cutlery rather than disposable plastic cutlery.

- If you are in a hotel, do not change your sheets and towels every day. - Focus on local markets rather than supermarkets.

- Refuse plastic or straw packaging.

- Have a reusable bag.

- Encourage green initiatives.

- Use water bottles or reusable bottles rather than plastic bottles.

- Take with you a waterproof plastic bag for the trash that you will throw when you arrive in town.

- Do not leave toilet paper in the open (use your garbage bag).

- Do not throw cigarette butts in nature, use pocket ashtrays for example.

- Promote tissue handkerchiefs that you can then wash by hand in hotels.

  The right things to do to preserve the Mongolian nature while traveling  

In addition to zero waste behavior, it is good to respect nature and those who live in it. In Mongolia, it is common to encounter wild animals. Respect these animals by observing them from a distance, without shouting and without trying to catch them, this may offer you unique long observation times and may even save you some unfortunate incidents. Do not tear the flowers or wild plants you find on your way and do not destroy the places where you sleep especially camping.

To pass while leaving no trace is the best way to respect what nature offers you. Keep in mind that in Mongolia, we will discover its natural landscapes that are still preserved. Preserve this nature so that we can still enjoy these wonderful and unique landscapes for a long time.


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