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khustai camp

Khustai Camp is located 100 kilometres West from Ulan Bator in the Khustai National Park. It's a choice camp for those who want to explore the park, and to discover the Przewalski's wild horses and the richness of the fauna and flora. Only 2 hours and a half from the centre of Ulan Bator, you'll see there unique landscapes : mountains, steppes, sand dunes, humid areas, and rivers.

Khustai Camp is led by the Khustai Centre that handles the park with the Ministry of Nature and Environment. The profits generated by the camp are used for the protection of the park.


The camp is open all year long. In Winter, it has 14 fully furnished yurts, among which luxurious one and standard ones, that can welcome up to 40 customers. In Summer, extra yurts are set up, and the camp can welcome up to 95 beds.

The restaurant proposes Asian and Occidental dishes. By reservation, it's also possible to order a Mongolian barbecue (khorkhog or boodog).

Of course, warm showers and water closets are at the service of the customers.

Activités depuis le camp

  • Inside the camp, in a small yurt, there's a small museum about Przewalski's horses. You can find interesting information about the park, the takhi and its reproduction. Movies in various languages, among which French, are released.
  • Observation of Przewalski's wild horses.
  • Observation of the fauna and flora. In the park, we can find 46 species of mammals, among which the deer, roe, wild boar, Mongolian gazelle, grey wolf, Eurasian lynx, red fox, corsac fox, badger, Pallas's cat, or the polecat. There are 161 species of birds, such as the demoiselle crane, cinereous vulture, black stork, great bustard, or the great spotted woodpecker.
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