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Communication in Mongolia

Communication in Mongolia

Phone. The international phone code to call Mongolia is 00976. It's rather easy to phone foreign country from Ulan Bator; most hotels have phones directly connected to international.

Outside the capital, it's more difficult to phone.Nobody will understand your request, unless you speak a little Mongolian or Russian, or unless your have a guide. It's also possible that phones don't work.

The regional code of Ulan Bator is 11.

Some international phone cards give instructions in English. International phone cards cost between 5000 and 20000 tugruks.

Mobile phone. The mobile phone net is GSM. If you bring a GSM, you can insert a Mongolian SIM card and call from your phone without any problem. If you don't want to buy a Mongolian SIM card, note that roaming service sometimes does not work; even with an international contract, you can't be sure to be able to use your phone via your European provider.

To call outside the country, you must dial 001 before the code of your own country. For example, for France, you must dial 00133 + number of your caller without the first 0.

There are three operators in Mongolia: Mobicom, Skytel, and G-Mobile.

The GSM coverage is now getting better. During your tour, you will pass through many covered areas, essentially nearby province cities and villages.

Internet. Ulan Bator has a good connection to internet. Most hotels and guest houses have a performing free wifi. We can also find some cyber cafés, but there are less and less since development of wifi. 3G net works very well.

Outside the capital, you can connect in cyber cafés in the capitals of province. In smaller villages, this remains possible.

Fax. You can send a fax from business centres, in Ulan Bator's great hotels, paying between 6000 and 7000 tugruks per page. The reception of a fax costs about 1000 tugruks per page. The central post is less practical but cheaper: about 4000 tugruks. Outside the capital, you can forget it.

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