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Equipment on tours

Equipment on tours

It’s imperative to select equipment that is appropriate to Mongolia, notably during the trips including many nights tent camping, and notably during the hikes or the treks.

So we provide some three persons tents, from the professional brand of Decathlon or from Northface brand. Two persons will occupy a three persons tent. Our tents are changed every three years. We also have winter tents for the winter tours.

From now on, we do our groundsheets ourselves, by using the frame of old self-inflating mattresses, lined with two layers of felt, which give very thick, but very bulky, mattresses.

During the self-sufficient treks, we also use some self-inflated mattresses but we must change them quite often, because the way they are used during the travel (put on the grass) is not appropriate, and they very quickly get pierced. For more peacefulness, you can bring your own mattress.

We also provide you the sleeping bag, even if you don’t have any tent camping nights, for the nights in private homes.

For the tent camping nights, we provide you lined sleeping bags (two bags, one placed inside the other) and we also have winter sleeping bags for the winter tours. You’re kindly asked to bring your own sleeping bag sheet for reasons of hygiene. You may also appreciate to bring a pillow. Please note also that you must bring your own towel (that is not provided in the private homes, nor, obviously, for the tent camping nights; only in the yurts camps).

In all the tours including tent camping nights, we provide the mess tent (for the kitchen), a bathroom tent, and a portable shower cubicle. In all the tours, you will have a table and camping chairs, and all the necessary equipment for cooking and eating.

In the self-sufficient treks, the guide has a satellite telephone from Iridium brand, for emergencies only (no calls for personal reasons).

In summary, high-quality equipment...

  • Forclaz T3 Ultralight Pro or Northface VE25 tents
  • Handmade felt ground mattresses
  • Quechua or Mongolian army sleeping bags, depending on tours
  • Mess tents and bathroom tents imported from Nepal
  • Hazelock portable shower cubicles
  • Chemical toilets on demand
  • English or Russian (military) saddles for our pony treks
  • Russian military saddles made especially for you in the province of Khovsgol for our 1-day pony treks, and kept by the families'
  • Riding hat for the pony treks and the 1-day pony treks (kept by the families')
  • Leather bag for your personal belongings during the pony treks
  • Satellite phones Iridium Extreme for the self-sufficient treks.

Travelling in Mongolia can be hard, because the country has not any (or few) infrastructures and because the weather can change very easily. Choosing Horseback Adventure is being sure to avoid many worries and to have high-quality equipment as well as an optimum security. Today, for example, we are the only travel agency of the country that consistently provides riding hats for the pony treks, whether it be for long pony treks or for 1-hour pony trekking.


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