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Your guide

We are sincerely very proud of the level of our guides, compared to the general level found in Mongolia. The training we give them, the good atmosphere in our relationships, and the high salary we have chosen to give them, allow us to have a solid basis of faithful, very efficiency and nice guides. This being said, it’s important to note that guide in not a status in Mongolia and that there isn’t any guide training school. The serious agencies ensure themselves the training of their guides in more or less extensive sessions. They are not teachers and they may answer a question saying, “I don’t know” (in that case their mission is to look for the information and to find the answer for you before the end of the trip). Our selection criterions are:

  • the level of the language, and our Francophone and Anglophone guides’ level is generally excellent;
  • kindness and ability to make you spend a good moment and to break easily the ice with the local residents;
  • the level of general knowledge, it being specified that our priority is focused on the knowledge about the nomads’ way of life, the culture, and not about specific subjects like botanic for example.

During the high touristic season, we sometimes ask less experienced (but still nice and with a good language level) guides to go with small groups, and in that case, a very experienced driver, who perfectly knows the ground and the Mongolian culture, goes with the group. So don’t be surprised if the guide asks the driver the answers to your questions, which is what he’s asked to do.  

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Parfum the Mongolie
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