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    The nine 9s of Mongolian winter

    When I first arrived in Ulan Batar, no wonder I was nervous at the idea of the rough Mongolian winter with its -40C. An idea reinforced when you are told that the place you are about to spend a part of your life in, is the coldest capital in the world…there is a real need to reconsider my choices in terms of expatriation. Continue reading

    Yet another Dzud in 2016?

    Mongolia is a country where there is no place for compromise. With very warm temperatures in Summer time, but an icy climate during the period between December and March, the whole country is under snow and ice. Ulan Bator is by itself considered the coldest capital city on earth, well, even beating Antarctica’s weather last week! But you have to understand that in the countryside, temperatures are even more cold.

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    What’s going on in Mongolia for 2016 ?

    Now that you know more about Mongolia and if you have been following us for a while, you should be aware of the rich culture and appealing traditions of the country (if not, please, you have no excuse not to stay more time on our website? ). Every year, plenty of events and festivals are held everywhere throughout the country. From the Tsaatan festival to the Eagle hunting one in Altai, with all the traditional weddings and the most awaited Naadam Festival in July… this will keep your head busy for a while!

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    10 favorite restaurants in Ulan Bator

    Since 2003 when I first discovered Mongolia, the offer of restaurants and quality increased drastically in the capital city. At the beginning I remember the most favored restaurant in town by the Mongolian people was the Khan Brau, a german brewery that has been since transformed into a cashmere shop right in front of the Mongolian National Theater. 
Today, more and more quality restaurants are opening, offering more choice for the hungry tourists that we are. Here is my list of the 10 personal favorite restaurant I recommend in Ulan Bator. Continue reading

    The 10 must-see monuments in Ulan Bator

    Ulan Bator is a great city with a rich history of 376 years. Wherever you go, you will encounter some beautiful old and new buildings or monuments that represent icons of the city. 79 buildings are registered and protected by the capital administration to date. In the 21st Century, Ulan Bator shines with preserved historical monuments and modern or recent architectures. Here are the most interesting of them, in our top 10 must-see. Continue reading

    #Hogbucketchallenge to clean Mongolia!

    Everyone knows about the nowadays “Ice Bucket Challenge“, made famous on social medias like Facebook or Youtube. Young Mongolian people took the chance during the Naadam Festival to launch a great campaign to clean Mongolia, named Hog Bucket Challenge, giving the opportunity for all Mongolian people to play a part in the preservation of the country from garbages and other dirty things laying on the ground.

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    Celebrating the New Year in Mongolia

    Just like for most countries, the first of January is a day off in Mongolia, giving opportunities for most people to celebrate between families and friends.

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    Genghis Khan: barbarian or hero?

    Often depicted as a barbarian and a bloodthirsty leader, creating an empire accross Eurasian continent and damaging cities on his way, Genghis Khan was it that real barbarian or the leader that united a country and dressed the basis of the modern society as early as the 13th century?  Continue reading