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The Right Questions to Ask When Elaborating Your Budget for These Holidays in Mongolia

The Right Questions to Ask When Elaborating Your Budget for These Holidays in Mongolia

Oct 24 2019

Going on vacation to Mongolia requires organization. When we prepare for the trip, the question of budget is always an important point to address. 

The costs for a trip to Mongolia can be doubled from one service to another for a route that might look the same. It is important to compare the trips and their benefits. 

To help you see more clearly and define your budget, we have drawn up a list of questions and elements to take into consideration and check before embarking on a trip to Mongolia.

Does the proposed trip include a domestic flight? Between you and your guide’s plane ticket and a journey on a vehicle, there should be an average difference of 200€ between the trip that includes a domestic flight and the other one that doesn’t.

Which activities are included? Are animal hikes included in my program?

What type of housing is included? The camping costs are low, while the trips only in yurts come back to be more expensive, especially the nights in yurt camps. Some camps are more expensive than others.

The quality of the guides. At Horseback Mongolia, we have been training our guides for more than 13 years. Not only have we done our best to retain them through an interesting salary scale, but also through outings and evenings together. The team spirit seems essential; therefore, we think that this has an impact on the quality of the tours.

Which hotel in Ulaanbaatar? Here, we are not talking about hotel categories, because in Mongolia, that does not always mean much. Some "4-star" hotels are totally out of the way with old-fashioned facilities that can cost the same as a brand-new 2-star hotel in the city center.

Group Formula or Private Formula? A trip for 2, even with economic options, may cost more than a group tour.

Are there any additional costs to my reservation (bank transfer with transfer fees for example)? At Horseback Mongolia there is no additional cost if you choose the online credit card payment option on a secure platform.


Keep in mind that even though Mongolia is a country in Central Asia, the bill can quickly rise because of the way you travel here. The vehicle rental, gas, the presence of a driver, a guide, sometimes even a cook on the tour can make the destination less economical. Also consider that the local food is not always cheap, especially in small stalls outside of the capital. A trip for 2 weeks can come back to less than 1000€ per person in a group and more than 2500€ for 2 with high-end services.

Many parameters need to be taken into consideration when elaborating your budget for these holidays.

At Horseback Mongolia, we do not claim to offer the cheapest trip to Mongolia, but we are confident that we offer the best value for money. Feel free to tell us your budget constraints so that we offer you a suitable trip.


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