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Ice Festivals in Mongolia

Ice Festivals in Mongolia

Dec 02 2019

On the first weekend of March, the Khövsgöl Lake region host the famous ice festival since 2002. Lake Khövsgöl is located on the border of Siberia and welcomes visitors from all over Mongolia at the beginning of March. Come to discover magnificent ice sculptures and to attend various festive games. Despite the difficult climate and temperatures reaching -20 ° C, nomadic pastoralists do not hesitate to make several hundred or thousands of kilometers to join this festival on the frozen lake.


Activities during the Ice Festival

Ice Festivals in Mongolia

The festival lasts for two days with the following activities:

• Ice sculptures,

• Games of ossicles,

• Parade of horse breeders,

• Horse sled race,

• Sled Dog,

• and other Mongol games.


Go to Mongolia for the ice festival

  Ice Festivals in Mongolia  

Because a trip to Mongolia is an extraordinary experience, you can enjoy your stay in March and attend these festivities. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of the Mongolian life and make great encounters with nomads throughout the country. Lake Khövsgöl, which in winter turns into a vast expanse of ice surrounded by pristine nature, is worth the trip. Find our Winter Celebrations tour and let yourself be carried by an extraordinary journey!

  Ice Festivals in Mongolia  


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