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Secref of Ongi gers camp

Secret of Ongi Camp is located near the ruins of Ongi in the sum of Saikhan Ovoo, province of Dundgovi, 520 kilometres (323,11 miles) Southwest Ulan Bator and 20 kilometres (12,43 miles) from the sum of Saikhan Ovoo. The camp exists since 2008 and is open all year long.


The camp has 45 yurts and can welcome up to 100 persons. The restaurant has a remarkable architecture, fully made of natural wood and stone. It can serve up to 120 persons and proposes Mongolian and European dishes.

Water closets and showers are at the service of the customers.

Other services :

  • Tradition dancing show (dance of the mask)
  • Conference room
  • Crafts shop
  • Mongolian traditional games
  • Sauna and massage
  • Laundry and iron service

Possible activities

On the long and tiring way from the central mountains and steppes to the Gobi desert, the Secret of Ongi Camp proves to be a very restoring stop. We have no doubt on the fact that you'll enjoy its comfort !

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