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Biking trip

Bike trekking on the Mongolian tracks is an excellent way to discover the natural wonders of Mongolia and to explore the most remote parts of the country. The bike is more than a mean of transport, because it often becomes an excuse to exchange with the nomad people that you'll inevitably meet during your trek. They're always curious when they see you pedaling in the steppes and mountains of their country.

The very nature of biking, the quiet pace, allow you to contemplate all the beauties of the country and to camp nearby the nomads' camps with whom you can share moments of complicity.

For the mountain bike lovers, please note that there are very few single tracks in Mongolia. You will principally bike on tracks that can be rough, muddy and stony. Well might Mongolia is known to be a flat country, soon you will notice that this is not true. You will bike on long false flats, passes and some more technical slopes.

During your tour, you can go biking for one or two days, on small distances from 30 to 40 kilometres (18,64 - 24,86 miles). These bike treks are accessible to anyone having a normal physical condition.

For the bikers who want a wholly mountain bike tour, the distances can reach 65 kilometres (40,39 miles) per day. A professional biking guide will manage the tour and the logistics vehicle will follow you.


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