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Birding in Mongolia

Birding in Mongolia

Oct 17 2019

Mongolia is a country with a great variety of landscapes. You can find forests and lakes in the north, mountains in the west, vast green steppes in the center, and the great Gobi Desert in the south. Mongolia is also known as the “eternal blue sky” country since it enjoys 260 sunny days during the year. Also is home of the diverse wildlife that, during spring, many birds start their annual journey and go to Mongolia during their migration. There have been 487 different bird species registered in Mongolia and about 223 species are found in Khustai National Park just less than 100km from Ulaanbaatar.

With our Birding In Mongolia Tour, you will be guided by a local birding specialists that will take you to Gun Galuut, Terelj National Park, Murun Plantation, Ogii Lake, of course, Khustai National Park, and other places so you can discover, photograph, and appreciate the diverse birds that come to Mongolia during their annual migration journey.

Birding in Mongolia



Here we will see Siberian scoter, Swan goose, White-naped crane, Demoiselle crane, Steppe eagle and we find many water birds and more than 10 species shorebirds such as Red-necked stint, Little stint, Long-toed stint, Broad-billed, Curlew and Sharp-tailed sandpipers, Northern lapwing, Asian Dowitcher and Eurasian curlew.



The highlights include Booted and Steppe eagles, Eastern and Upland buzzards, Common and Saker falcons, Black-eared kite, Taiga and Asian brown flycatchers, Orange-flanked bush-robin, Pallas’s leaf, Yellow browed and Dusky warblers, Red-throated, Black-throated, White’s and Naumann’s thrushs, Meadow and Little buntings.



Here we find the Bearded vulture, Saker falcon, Cinereous vulture, Eurasian sparrowhawk, Eastern, and Upland buzzards, and will see more Pine and Little buntings, Taiga and Brown flycatchers and Rock and Naumann’s thrush.



The most excited birds will be Pallas’s fish and White-tailed sea eagles, Bar-headed, Greylag, Taiga bean and Swan geese, Whooper and Mute swans, and possibly Ferruginous duck. The topwater birds include Eurasian spoonbill, Common crane, Great egret, Great cormorant, Common and Reddy shelducks, Crested and Red-necked grebes, Red-crested and Common pochards, Tufted ducks and Common coots. The waders and other species include Little, Red-necked and Long-toed stints, Wood, Curlew, and Sharp-tailed sandpipers, Eurasian and Little curlews, Pied Avocet, Black-winged stilt, White and Citrine wagtails, Small snowfinch, Rock sparrows, Relict, Mongolian, Pallas’s and Black-headed gulls, Common and White-winged terns.



We will see Golden, Booted and Steppe eagles, Amur and Lesser kestrel, Eurasian hobby, Daurian partridge, Daurian jackdaw, Pine, Pallas’s reed and Meadow buntings, Mongolian and Horned larks, Isabelline, Northern and Pied Wheatears, and Common Stonechat. In addition, we find other wildlife animals such as Siberian marmot, Red deer, Przewalski’s horse, Red and Corsac foxes, and Grey wolf.



Here we can see Black-throated loon, Eastern marsh harrier, Pallas’s grasshopper, Bar-headed and Greylag geese, Hill Pigeon, Oriental turtle dove, Pallas’s sandgrouse, Common and Pacific swifts, White-naped and Demoiselle cranes, Great egret, Black stork, Grey heron, Bearded vulture and many more.



We can find ducks such as Eastern spot-billed, Mandarin, Pintail, Wigeon, Garganey, in the tree Common and White-cheeked starlings, Greater and Lesser woodpeckers, Yellow-breasted, Little, Meadow and Rustic buntings, Long-tailed rosefinch, Orange-flanked bush-robin, Azure-winged magpie, White-crowned penduline tit, Siberian rubythroat, Azure tit, Red-throated, Black-throated and Dusky thrush, Amur falcon and Booted eagle.


You can click here if you want to check out the pictures from our Avian Specialist, Ariuka.

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