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Hun Empire

Hun Empire

At the end of the 3rd century BC, the Modun Shanyu (king) founded the Hun Empire in Central Asia. In 198 BC, the Han Dynasty recognised their territory that extended from the Great Wall of China to Lake Baikal, and from the Il Tarvagatai range to Korea.

The Huns' economic, political, and social system entitles to think that it was the very first formation of a Mongolian state.

Huns used to declare war on their neighbour, and they set the centre of their civilisation, the Hun Empire, in the wide plains of Central Asia. In the 4th century, they moved towards Eastern Europe. Attila, king of the Huns who had founded the northern Hun state, was the most famous invader of Roman Empire. He was nicknamed “scourge of God”.

In the history of humanity, we find two types of civilisation: sedentary or nomad. When the Hun Empire formed, nomadism appeared on the territory that became Mongolia.

During the reign of Modun, the empire was divided in three parts: the king directly controlled the centre, and some princes ruled on East and West. The three parts were subdivided into units of 10.000, 1.000, 100, and 10. Later, Genghis Khan also used this new system to create the Mongol Empire.

In the time of the Huns, the Mongolian culture greatly developed. Arts, music, astronomy, and astrology were highlighted and the lunar calendar appeared.

Mongolian historians recognise the Hun Empire as the first state of Central Asia. Many vestiges of this civilisation have been found in Mongolia.


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