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Turkish Empire

Turkish Empire

Bumin and his ally Istemi created a real Eurasian empire that extended from the Yellow Sea to Ural. In the years 555 to 590, the Turkish army reached the Caspian Sea and established relationships with Byzantines and Iranians. The Turkish Empire managed to beat the Chinese people and demanded silk. Moreover, the Turkish had good relationships with Byzantines and welcomed ambassadors from Constantinople.

Such a big monarchy could only end up degenerating into conflicts and being divided in two kingdows: eastern and western kingdoms. The division was caused by quarrels between princes, and by the rebellion of the nations conquered. In the early 7th century, the khan of the eastern kingdom, Kat-Il, surrounded China of the Tang dynasty. The western Turkish formed a confederation to pacify the inhabitants of the area, but it ended up dissolving. The Tang dynasty established its hegemony on Central Asia in 630.

The Turkish Empire is behind several writings on rocky formations. These writings in old Turkish alphabet say a lot about their religion and their life style. Turkish people were pagan and practiced shamanism.

During the Tang dynasty, the Turkish fought in the Chinese army against Koreans, Tibetans... But, according to the “Turkish stone”, they rebelled and established the second Turkish empire. The Turkish of the second kingdom are called “the blue Turkish tribe” because they loved the blue sky.

The blue Turkish went back to the steppe and found enemies surrounding them: Chinese at South, Karluk and Kyrgyz at East. Led by the brilliant general Kultegin, they went to war and beat them all. They became dominant in Central Asia. At the time when the khan Bilge, the general Kul-Tegin and the lord Tonyukuk ruled, the blue Turkish found their old traditions and the following generations lived rather in peace. The following khan, Yollig-Tegin, wrote many texts on stone.

In 745, the second Turkish empire suffered a civil war with Uyghurs. The Uyghurs wan the conflict and built their kingdom on the ruins of the Turkish empire.

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