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The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

Nov 29 2019

Mongolia is a country which seduces by its authenticity, the hospitality of its population but which can also prove to be rudimentary in term of housing. We have traveled the territory in search of charming accommodation to combine yurts, luxury and comfort to enhance your stay. Here are our top 10 of the best yurt camps in Mongolia!


1- MunkhTenger

The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

Nestled in the heart of the Orkhon Valley National Park, the Munkhtenger Yurt Camp accommodates up to 66 people. Indeed, in addition to its restaurant, the camp has 4 luxury yurts, 5 semi-luxury yurts and 16 standard yurts; all comfortable and beautifully decorated. The camp offers various activities including horseback riding, traditional shows or wellness massages.

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2- Secret of Ongii

The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

Some 520 kilometers from the capital Ulan Bator is the camp Secret of Ongi. With these 45 yurts, the camp can accommodate 100 people. The camp offers various activities including visiting the ruins of Ongi , camel trekking or visiting a nomadic family. The restaurant is an attraction on its own. Entirely built of natural wood and stone, it can serve up to 100 people.

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3- Three Camel Lodges

The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

This eco lodge is the first luxury camp in Mongolia . It was built to serve as a base for exploration of Gurvan Saikhan National Park . The camp has 40 yurts with a neat design combining traditional Mongolian culture and modern comfort. The lodge is environmentally friendly and uses solar and wind energy to produce electricity.

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4- Sweet Gobi

The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

This geolodge belongs to the brand Out of Nowhere which proposes a new generation of ecological lodges. Opposite Khögnö Khan National Park, the camp consists of about 20 yurts nestling at the foot of the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarhai. The special yurt called "Hair Cocoon" will allow you to have your hair washed "in the teapot" by a Mongolian hostess in traditional dress.

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5- Ursa Major

The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia

Near the village of Khujirt is the Ursa Major camp. Like the Sweet Gobi, the eco-lodge with 15 yurts is also part of the Out of Nowhere brand. The camp offers various activities including traditional archery , visiting the ancient capital Karakorum or a ride in the steppe.

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6- Jalman Meadows

The Jalman Meadows Camp is located on the Upper Tuul River, in a landscape surrounded by lush hills that hold larch and birch forests. It consists of 16 yurts. A peaceful silence place except, perhaps, for the buzzing of grasshoppers and the singing of birds.


7- Ikh nart

Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Reserve (Ikh Nart) is a nature reserve located in the eastern province of Gobi. It covers an area of about 66 000 hectares of semi-desert grasslands and steppes and is home to one of the last Argali sheep populations. Ikh Nart is home to a great diversity of plant and animal species, including 33 mammals, 6 reptiles, 125 birds and more than 200 plants.


8- Toilogt

A camp located on a small part of land in the lake. The setting is pleasant with its few yurts, teepees, and several wooden chalets set back from the camp, the types of accommodation are full with the essentials. It also has a few "shops" nearby selling essential items and handicrafts. With its large restaurant (Free Wi-Fi), it is the largest camp in the region, particularly popular with European travelers. It may not be here that the best value for money, but no other can compare to the level of comfort.


9- Tuul Riverside Lodge

An hour drive east of the capital, Tuul Riverside Lodge is a small, traditional, fully sustainable Mongolian camp. It is surrounded by a sea of grass and hills that extend to the Tuul River. The lodge offers a range of both adventure and cultural activities. You will be able to relax around a campfire to admire the Milky Way.


10- HS Khaan Resort

Located about 45 kilometers northwest of Ulaanbaatar, HS Khaan Resort is a first class experience. The individual yurts and luxurious, the spacious suites are far from rustic and offer all the comforts. The open plains are perfect for hiking and the remote location creates an uninterrupted blanket of bright stars every evening.


Did you know?

  The 10 Best Yurt Camps in Mongolia  

The Mongolian yurt has existed for centuries. It repeats in a symbolic form the close link between the Mongolian people and the extreme nature in which they live, which is the basis of Shamanism and Tengrism (spiritual practices prior to the arrival of Buddhism). It is in fact a reduced representation of the world of the Mongol people. As such, in reference to the sanctity of nature and the spirits that inhabit it, it is itself considered as a sacred space. Its round shape evokes the celestial vault, the central pillars, particularly respected, symbolizing the cosmic axis, the connection between the earth and the sky, the basis of all spiritual practice.

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