Arkhangai - Horseback Mongolia


Area: 55.300 square kilometres (21.351,45 square miles)

Population (2000): 95.500

Capital: Tsetserleg (468 kilometres (290,80 miles) far from UB)

Sums: 19

Created in 1931.  

Detailed map of the province  

The aimag of Arkhangai is located in the heart of the Khangai range. It’s composed of mountains, steppes, and plains.

The average altitude of the province is 2414 metres (1,50 mile), and its highest point reaches 3539 metres (2,20 miles) and is covered with perpetual snow (Peak Kharalagtai). The lowest point is located at the confluence of the Orkhon and the Tamir, 1290 metres in height (0,80 mile).

More than 70% of the territory is made of pastures, hat is cultivated on almost 2% of the territory, and about 1% is cultivated. 15% of the aimag is covered with forests of conifers and deciduous trees. Agriculture is the dominant sector of the province. There are about 45.000 square metres (0,02 square mile) dedicated mainly to the culture of potatoes or cereal. Local farmers cultivate more than 20.000 tons of seeds per year. Several animals live in Arkhangai: the black ibex, wild sheep, snow leopard, lynx, musk deer, bear, marmot, fox…     Many summits remain covered with perpetual snow throughout the four seasons: mounts Suvraga, Noyon, Khan-Undur, Khanui, Khunui. The Orkhon, Chuluut, South and North Tamir rivers spring up from the Khangai, and from lakes Olgii and Terkh. These lakes and rivers are teeming with taimen, graylings and perches. We also find many natural springs (Khadat, Mukhar, Khujirt, Bora Tal, Tsagaa, Somon, Belkh) and many enchantering places such as Khorgo Volcano or the rocky formation of Takhar Chuluut.

We count 1700 species of different plants in Arkhangai, among which 20% are renowned for their therapeutic values, and a few of them are very rare. The province of Arkhangai has many touristice places. In the valleys of the Orkhon, the Tamir and the Chuluut, have been found many objects dating from the Bronze Age. We can also admire what Bilge Khan and Kul-Tegena have written on the stones of Tsaidam in Taikhar Chuluu, in the sum of Khashaat. The ruins of the former Uyghur capital, in the sum of Khotont, are also very impressive.  

Cattle: 2.119.300, among which:

  • Horses: 271.600
  • Camels: 800
  • Bovines: 428.100
  • Sheep: 914.200
  • Goats: 504.600


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