Gobi-Altai - Horseback Mongolia


Area: 141.400 square kilometres (54.594,85 square miles)

Population (2000): 62,800

Capital: Altai, (1.005 kilometres (624,48 miles) far from UB)

Sums: 18 Created in 1940.

Detailed map of the province  

The province of Gobi-Altai is located in West Mongolia. It has a border with China in South. Impressive mounts Sutai, Az Bogd, Tayan, Edren and Burkhan Buudai, stretch from North to South of the province. The highest summit is Sutai: it reaches its highest point at 4.226 metres (13.864,83 feet) above sea level and is covered with perpetual snow. Semidesert areas of Sharga, Dukhum, Zakhuu, Zarman, Biger, Alag Nuur, Tsengkher, and Nomin, stretch in these mountains. Almost all the vegetal species and soils have characteristics of the steppe. Semideserts of Zakhui, Zarman and Nomin have lovely oasis with saxauls, elms, rushes and reeds. There are about twenty salt lakes, notably Lakes Tonkhil, Ikhes, Alag, Shargiin, Tsagaan and Biger. We find many wild animals in these areas; wild sheep, ibex, deer, snow leopards, lynx, wild cats, wolves, foxes, stoats and marmots. In the Altai, it's also possible to see eagles, falcons, condors, vultures. In the desert, we can find wild camels, wild horses, saiga antelopes, black-tailed antelopes, wild boars and Gobi bears. The main sector is agriculture. In 1998, production reached 1.566,80 millions tugriks and the revenue was 1.277,60 millions tugriks.

Cattle: 2.113.100, among which:

  • Horses: 106.500
  • Camels: 35.300
  • Bovines: 85.200
  • Sheep: 857.100
  • Goats: 1.029.500


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