Bayankhongor - Horseback Mongolia


Area: 116.000 square kilometres (44.787,85 square miles)

Population (2000): 84.100

Capital: Bayan Khongor (620 kilometres (385,25 miles) far from UB)

Sums: 20

Created in 1941.

Detailed map of the province  

The province of Bayankhongor is located in the Southeast of Mongolia, and stretches over the Southern Khangai high plateau, the Southeastern Gobi Altai range, the centre of the Great Lakes Depression in Western Mongolia, and over the major part of Trans Altai Desert. This location earned the province the nickname of "region with the three areas". The province borders the People's Republic of China. The altitude varies between 750 and 3957 metres (2.460,63 - 12.982,28 feet)above sea level.

Zereen, Nomchi, and Gobi Desert are the least high areas, whereas the highest point is the impressive Ikh Bogd Uul Massif. The region of Ikh Bogd mixes wonderful natural colours in majestic landscapes and has many natural resources. The province of Bayankhongor is renowned for its natural springs. Shargaljuut hot springs are very famous in Mongolia.

The temperature of the water varies between 45°C and 95°C (113°F - 203°F). More than one hundred springs and geysers are in the area. Lakes Orog (140 square metres, 1.506,82 square feet) and Buuntsagaan (252 square metres, 2.712,28 square feet) are the largest of the province. We also find many medicinal herbs. Regarding fauna, Bayankhongor has many marmots, badgers, lynx, wild sheep, ibex, white antelopes, and black-tailed antelopes. Among the rarest animals, we also find wild donkeys, wild camel, wild horses, and Gobi bears. The main sector is agriculture.

Cattle: 2.511.300, among which:

  • Horses: 157.400
  • Camels: 38.700
  • Bovines: 196.900
  • Sheep: 866.000
  • Goats: 1.252.300


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