Dornogovi - Horseback Mongolia


Area: 109.500 square kilometres (42.278,19 square miles)

Population (2000): 51.500

Capital: Sainshand (456 kilometres (283,35 miles) far from UB)

Sums: 14

Created in 1931.

Detailed map of the province  

The province of Dornogovi is located in the Southeast of the country and borders with China. This large territory is a semi-desert area, with a hard, sandy soil. In Mongolia, Dornogovi is renowned for the medicinal herbs that grow in its soils, like licorice and cuscuta australis, or perennial species such as wild leek, saul, elm or allium mongolicum.

Horses and wild sheep, ibex, black tailed antelopes and white antelopes, and lynx inhabit the area. There are also many birds, such as the condor, eagle and the great bustard. We can see these species in the hills of Otsol, Sansara, Ikh and Baga Dulaan, Argalant, Khorgo and Budryn Uul, and also in the steppes of Tuulait and Tariachin, and in the large semi-desert areas of Bulaan Saaral, Gurvan Khashaat, Khonich, Burdene Uul and Dalai Bumbat. The industry comes down to 7 major and 50 small or medium enterprises in the mining, food processing and construction sectors. The railway line is 500 kilometres (310,69 miles) long and crosses six sums.

Cattle: 1.017.800, among which:

  • Horses: 110.700
  • Camels: 29.500
  • Bovines: 93.600
  • Sheeps: 439.600
  • Goats: 344.400
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