Bulgan - Horseback Mongolia


Area: 48.700 square kilometres (18.803,18 square miles)

Population (2000): 91.000 Capital:

Bulgan (330 kilometres (205,05 miles) far from UB)

Sums: 16

Created in 1938.

Detailed map of the province  

The province of Bulgan is located in the North of Mongolia and includes the Khangai range, forests, and steppes. It has a border with Russia. The soil is sandy, with semidesert characteristics in the South. Mounts Bulgan Khan Uul, Buregkhangai, and Dulaankhan are the highest of the region. The wonderful Selenge River, as well as the Orkhon, the Tuul and the Khanui, cross the aimag. Conifers and medicinal herbs (berries, gooseberries, hippobophae, plantago, artemesia and thymus) grow in the fertile soils of the province. The forest takes up 30 % of the area. Elks, bears, deer, white antelopes, lynx, sparrows and marmots can be found in the region. The province of Bulgan is a lovely province.

Eg-Selenge, the pastures of Eg-Tarvagatai , Uran-Togoo, Khogno Khan, are probably the most beautiful places of it. Khulji springs and Uurt springs are very popular destinations. Regarding history, we can find vestiges from the Bronze Age, ruins, notably those of Baibalik, an old Uyghur city, and the ruins of Prince Tsogt's house. The province of Bulgan is an important pilgrimage place for the Mongolians, exactly because of its several vestiges of past. The main sector of economy is agriculture. The province has the third most important production of the country. The local industry produces a vast range of products, among which farm-produce products, gold, everyday goods. The average industrial production reaches 1,9 billion tugriks per year. 70 % of the budget of the province comes from local incomes.

Cattle: 1.458.900, among which:

  • Horses: 194.800
  • Camels: 1.000
  • Bovines: 247.090
  • Sheep: 710.600
  • Goats: 306.600


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